You might have visited a city with pleasant weather or stayed in a village for one day. Then you may have wondered how vital it would be for humans to have clean air in a healthy environment away from any pollution.
In fact, the environment is a public habitat for all living creatures on Earth. It is probably impossible to find another system like the solar system in the whole galaxies; therefore, the importance of this environment is evident. It is necessary to know to what extent the life of all mankind depends on nature and the environment in which humans live.
Air pollution is among the most destructive factors threatening the natural human lifecycle, for it damages not only humans but also animals, plants, and even buildings. Hence, air pollution has been known as a critical problem in the environment since the advent of human civilization.
Humans have said many times that all the living creatures will perish if there is no oxygen on Earth. The production of oxygen is a huge responsibility shouldered by the green gold (forest). Now if humans supposedly wipe out this green gold from the environment and establish different industrial and conventional factories instead, how much damage will the Earth sustain? Forests are the greatest wealth that can exist on Earth; thus, humans should stop cutting down trees and destroying forests in a bid to prevent air pollution. A piece of land covered by green trees will definitely be considered the best environment for the life of any living creature.
Trees are the pulse of Earth and source of life for humans, animals, and even some plants, for trees guarantee the durability of human life and health of nature by absorbing poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, which is among the basic needs of humans and animals. Lack of trees and destruction of forests, especially in this era of smoke and machine life, will result in the extinction of human and animal generations.

Will you be the hero of the Earth?

Safe Terra Token is actually a simple idea with environmental goals. This project asks you as a hero to plant a tree or clean nature. You can then receive a token by posting the relevant photos or videos of your actions on social media. The goal is to inform people about the advantages of planting trees and to encourage them to plant trees like you and care about their environment. All the people who plant trees will continue this chain and become the heroes of the Earth.

What is the technical description of Safe Terra Token?

Safe Terra Token is a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network. This token will be accepted in all digital wallets that support Binance Smart Chain tokens. Total Supply is 100,000,000,000.
Contract Address:

How is the token distributed?

Our team has coded a user interface at “Dashboard page” that you can use to create a link between us and the social network on which you are active. The main core of our program can then identify your posts (i.e. videos and photos showing trees being planted) shared with #Safe_Terra and will allocate tokens to you.

Twitter Activity

A few tokens are granted for every post that shows planting a tree or cleaning nature. The exact number of tokens can be seen on the user panel, and up to 5% of all tokens will be distributed in this way.


public sales

Moreover, 55% of tokens will be sold publicly to cover the costs of development, hosting, and advertisement


Our team

Our team owns the other 37% of tokens, which might be sold in the future to promote the necessary activities.


Email Airdrop

3% of tokens will be granted to people with no need for membership but with just the email submission.

One percent of every transaction is allocated to the environment

One percent of every transaction is wired to a specific address, the wallet balance of which will be donated to an environmental non-profit organization once it is considerable. In fact, this donation contributes slightly to environmental protection on Earth, a process in which you can play a part.

In every transaction, a 1% fee of the transferred amount is wired to "0xDFF95174A0F646Abc7a7b79799Ff8a714281d322", the wallet of which is controlled by our team. When the wallet balance reaches a specific value, it will be transferred to an environmental non-profit organization.

Road Map to Token Project?


Website Development

For the introduction of the project, it is necessary to develop a website, which you are now visiting.


Twitter Connection

To analyze the tweets on the environment for token donation, a user portal must be developed to link the website to Twitter accounts.

  • Step

    Distributing at least 50% of tokens

    Before planning to expand the project, we will ensure that at least 50% of tokens are distributed among people.

  • Step

    Being listed in cryptocurrency exchanges

    After distributing 50% of tokens, we will negotiate the project listing with the centralized currency exchange offices.

  • Step

    Launch the Online Game

    Setting up an online environmental game and using tokens in the game

  • Step

    NFT Characters in the game

    Setting up non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game and making the game characters transferrable and purchasable on NFT platforms